Trampoline Handbook | Trampolining Exercises (English Edition) por Chuck Keeney

Trampoline Handbook | Trampolining Exercises (English Edition) por Chuck Keeney

Titulo del libro : Trampoline Handbook | Trampolining Exercises (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : September 26, 2012
Autor : Chuck Keeney
Número de páginas : 154

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Chuck Keeney con Trampoline Handbook | Trampolining Exercises (English Edition)

The Ultimate Guide to Bouncing, Twisting and Flipping on a Trampoline

The trampoline is an integral tool in building your acrobatic abilities whether to assist in gymnastics, for competition, or just to learn how to flip and twist for yourself. Many people have used a trampoline at some point in their lives. But how many use it for more then just a little fun.

Years ago I made the mistake of neglecting to practice on a trampoline when I was trying to improve my tumbling skills. I figured I only wanted to be able to do skills without any artificial aid. What I didn’t realize was how the trampoline would help me to control my body better when I was in the air.

Even if you don’t aim to do full twisting flips and the like you can just learn a few intermediate skills on the trampoline like forward and back flips. Moves that anyone can learn.

While you can just start bouncing on a trampoline trying a few moves at random, there hasn’t been a set out progression to take you all the way from your first bounce up to more advanced skills until now.

The Trampoline Handbook changes that. Inside you’ll find each move described in complete detail, the proper steps for attaining the full move, common errors and how to correct them, plus several photos for each stunt.

There are 50 complete trampoline stunts described in this way. All made step-by-step so that anyone can do them.

Here’s all the moves you’ll be learning…

Learning Bouncing and Landing Forms

* Controlled Bounces
* Knee-Break Stop
* Variety Bounces
* Sit Drop
* Hands-and-Knees Drop
* Knee Drop
* Straight Knee Back Drop
* Front Drop
* Kick-Out Back Drop
* Back Pullover

Common Knick-Knacks

* Swivel Hips
* Half Turntable
* Barrel Roll
* Early Twisting Cradle
* Late Twisting Cradle

Advanced Knick-Knacks

* Full Turntable
* Corkscrew
* Cat Twist
* Double Twist to Back Drop

Twisting Somersaults

* Half Twisting Forward Somersault
* Barani
* Half Twisting Open Backward Somersault
* Full Twisting Forward Somersault
* Full Twisting Backward Somersault
* Rudolph

Easy Combinations and Twists

* Half Twist to Sit Drop
* Sit Drop to Front Drop
* Front Drop to Sit Drop
* Half Twist to Back Drop
* Back Drop to Front Drop
* Front Drop to Back Drop
* Half Twist to Front Drop
* Half Twist from Back Drop

Forward Somersault Group

* Hands-and-Knees Turnpike
* Knee Turnpike
* Turnpike
* Hands-and-Knees Turntuck
* Turntuck
* Tucked Forward Somersault
* Piked Forward Somersault
* Forward Dive to Back Drop
* Tucked Forward One-and-One-Quarter Somersault
* Ball-Out Forward Somersault to Sit

Backward Somersault Group

* Tucked Backward Somersault
* Trampoline Backward Somersault
* Open Backward Somersault
* Tucked Backward One-and-One-Quarter Somersault
* Layout Backward Somersault
* Open Half-Back Somersault
* Tucked Cody

On top of that there are many other moves that are listed without the full details. But once you’ve made it through these fifty you’ll be easily able to pick up virtually any other move with ease.