The Post-Apocalyptic Reader's Guide por J. Thorn

The Post-Apocalyptic Reader's Guide por J. Thorn

Titulo del libro : The Post-Apocalyptic Reader's Guide
Autor : J. Thorn

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J. Thorn con The Post-Apocalyptic Reader's Guide

Kick back, relax and start prepping. I’ve got your post-apocalyptic entertainment covered.

Join author and post-apocalyptic superfan J. Thorn, in an Armageddon celebration. The Post-Apocalyptic Reader’s Guide: The Ultimate Stockpile of Post-Apocalyptic and Dystopian Books, Movies, Television, Games & More features reviews and recommendations on these beloved science fiction sub-genres. Discover new and classic post-apocalyptic and dystopian books, movies, games and more.

Also included for a limited time in this special edition guide—eight fascinating essays about our love for the apocalypse, recommendations on the best post-apocalyptic Facebook groups to join and a special gallery of work by world-renown post-apocalyptic artist, Michal Karcz. Foreword by former editor of SFX magazine, Dave Golder.

You’ve never been so excited about the End of Days!